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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Etsy Massacre Shop of the Month September 2012 - MacabreCreations

A kick ass creation by former student
Nichol Cotroneo during a special fx mask
making course by MacabreCreations
Our shop of the month is MacabreCreations and what perfect timing it is with Halloween around the corner. You can either buy a unique creepy creation from the shop or sign up for classes to make your OWN creepy creations! How awesome is this!!

What is your favorite horror movie related item in your shop at this very moment and why?
My favorite movie related item would be my special effects mask making courseThe reason I like my to teach these courses is I love unlocking the secrets of creating effects. I teach techniques that once acquired, empowers the participant to be able to create movie quality items. In this case you don't just end up with some mask ... but you get a killer mask that you created from scratch, you get a reproduction of your own face captured in time that you can keep as a piece of art, or use to sculpt on and create other awesome monstrosities, and most importantly of all ... you take home the skills and confidence to be able to make anything that you can dream up! 

What is it about horror movies that inspires you and your art?
I love horror movies ... I particularly enjoy being submersed into the environments that the filmmakers create ... these dark worlds. To me it is all about the details. I try to reflect that in my artwork. I strive to create items that look cool from a distance and add to the ambiance, but when you get up close and can really see the details the art pieces come alive!

Why did you join the Etsy Massacre Team?  
I joined the Etsy Massacre Team for two reasons. The first is our Captain Livingdeadgirlnicole! We had been on a couple other teams together and when I saw she was creating a place on Etsy for lovers of Horror Movies, I knew that was something I wanted to be part of. The second reason ... duh ... I LOVE HORROR MOVIES!

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