Boils & Ghouls - Welcome to The Etsy Massacre Team's Bloodspot! Cemetary resting place to the Etsy Massacre Team. The first team on Etsy created for artists who make horror movie inspired items!! If it's not gorey, creepy, scary, undead, monsterous, or bloody you won't find it here. We are a team of artists whose art is so awesome it will scare ya! Here at our Bloodspot you will find a complete list of our massacre members and their shops. This is also the place to come to get updates on what our massacre members are slaughtering up and what sales they are dieing to share with you! So make sure to follow this page and spread the gore!


Here is where we post what we like to call our... Ghoullery Feature.
First we choose a theme and then our team members submit items in their shop that they feel fit the theme. This is not only a great way for us to have fun as a team but it also gives our customers a glimpse into what horrors we have in store!

We keep our most current theme posted here.
All past themes are available in list form on our official Etsy Massacre Team Page!


Thank You For The Nightmares

A Tribute In Memory of Wes Craven

Sweet Dreams - Freddy/Robert Portrait Print

Freddy Awaits - Diorama 

Freddy Krueger Blood Splat Barrette

Nightmare On Elm St Necklace in Red
By AGhoulsBestFriend

Welcome To Primetime Plaque
By SickandTiled

Zombie Nailed Flesh - FX Latex Prosthetic

Nightmare On Elm Street Tote

Nightmare On Elm Street Print
By Amaranthasashes

Killer Destinations T-Shirt
By PureEvilExpressions

Super Mario Freddy Mashup Print
By CryptRottedBones

Scream Ghostface Print
By QuietRoomBears

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