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Monday, July 30, 2012

Etsy Massacre Shop of the Month for August 2012 - DarkArtPhoto

Looking for the not so typical horror movie inspired images for the walls of your home? Check out DarkArtPhoto's haunting images that will linger into your nightmares and make you feel like your visualizing what it would feel like being the victim of a horror film!!!

What is your favorite horror movie related item in your shop at this very moment and why?

My favorite horror related item is StrangleHold
While none of my photos are related or taken from any specific horror film, many have horror inspiration. This one depicts a creepy masked person literally reaching out of the photo to strangle you.

What is it about horror movies that inspires you and your art?

I have always liked horror movies, from way back when I was a kid and would peek through covered eyes when it seemed to scary. I enjoy putting together scenes or images that elicit those same feelings and emotions.
Why did you join the Etsy Massacre Team?
I joined Etsy Massacre Team to be a part of a community that shares that love of horror and work together to learn and help each other in this fun place known as Etsy.

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