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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sick and Twisted Thoughts: Prim and Grim

The horror community is amazingly supportive... check out this awesome interview for Etsy Massacre Team member PrimandGrim!

Here's an excerpt:

When did you start crafting and how did you get started?

I’ve been artistic going as far back as my memories allow, but if I had to pick a specific time that I really got excited about crafting it would have been in kindergarten. There was one particular activity with crayons and hot plates that I think really sparked my passion for arts and crafts. Using electricity to heat and melt crayons made regular coloring boring, and the way that melted crayons looked on paper was just… So… Awesome! I still get excited about it even though my adult self wouldn’t sit down and melt crayons.

As far as crafting with the purpose of opening an Etsy shop, I think it really began when I discovered steampunk a few years ago. Awhile back, my mom had bought me this jade pendant for my birthday. The jade was so valuable (both emotionally and monetarily), and the cord that it came with was so cheap and boring, that it seemed a disservice to the jade itself to wear it that way. So instead of wear it, it just sat in a drawer for years. When I discovered steampunk, I discovered it in the form of jewelry. It wasn’t as popular as it was now, so finding a wearable jewelry version wasn’t as easy. I decided to try to make myself a Steampunk necklace with the jade pendant as the center. Finally, I had a cool way to wear my birthday present! I wore it to a party one day and someone asked me if I was an artist… I had never considered myself one before. I said, “No, I just make jewelry occasionally,” and the person replied with a firm, “No, you are an artist. You should open a shop.”

Click HERE to read the rest!

Thanks to AGhoulsBestFriend for a hauntingly good time!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Dead Girl Massacre Decay!

WP_20140814_19_35_21_ProI know it's been a while since I replenished my store with Dead Girl Massacre Decay items so I think these are well overdue!  Check em out and purchase them in my Etsy shop! The ultimate accessory for the horror movie maniacs out there!

Your Creepy Captain,
Living Dead Girl Nicole

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Living Dead Girl is ready to RESURRECT!

This bride of Frankenstein just had surgery #3 that required some recovery time but I am sewn back together and ready to create! My Etsy shop is now re-opened and to celebrate I am offering 10% off your order when you use RESURRECT during check out. This is for any orders placed before the end of August! For more info about my condition, stay up to date on my recovery and/or to make a monetary donation please visit my GoFundMe campaign page! All orders placed will be going towards my bills so they are truly appreciated!

Your Creepy Captain,
Living Dead Girl Nicole

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Member: Dead End Design

Our newest member of the Etsy Massacre team is Dead End Design! Their work is a mixture of old school flash art meets horror! Very unique and definitely worth check out!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Etsy Massacre Team GHOULgle + Community

The Etsy Massacre Team invites our followers, customers and freaky friends to join our new GHOULgle + Community! Our Creepy Captain Living Dead Girl Nicole just created this community so it is in the process of being set up and it is looking wicked already. This community will allow us to actually interact with all of you!

To give you an idea of what the community is and what it will have to offer...

Discussions: this is an open category where you are allowed to discuss and share with our team members all things horror movie related! So have fun!

Announcements: this is where our team will announce any news about their shops including sales! It will also be a place where we will announce exciting news like where our team or team members are being featured!

The following categories are where our team will announce about new items in their shops based on what the item is. You are allowed to comment on their posts and give us your feedback! Also don't forget to share!

Wicked Wearables: this is where our team will post about all our new clothing items!

Axecessories: this is where our team will post about all our new accessories!

Haunt Your House: this is where our team will post about items you can use to decorate your home!

Special FX: this is where our team will post about their realistic gorey special fx creations!

Drawn In Blood: this is where our team will post about their portraits, drawings, paintings and digital art!

Deadly Dolls: this is where our team will post about their doll creations!

Skinned: this is where our team will post about their bath and body products!

Freaky Photography: this is where our team will post about their photography!

Til Death: this is where our team will post about their wedding items!

Masked Mad Men: this is where our team will post about their mask creations that you can wear!

Other Freakish Finds: this is where our team will post about their other items and horror movie finds. But it is also where you can share your horror finds as well!

Team Photos: is where our team can share their photos with out customers so you can get to know your artists!

We hope that you follow us to the dark side and join us!

Etsy Massacre Team Members Featured at Dead End Horror

Thanks to DeadEndHorror.com some of the members of the Etsy Massacre Team are now featured on their Lovecrafts section of their website!

Artists Featured:

  • Living Dead Girl Nicole
  • Crypt Rotted Bones
  • Pure Evil Expressions
Make sure to check it out!

Friday, August 8, 2014

New Member: TheOutlawMetalsmith

Our newest member is TheOutlawMetalsmith. This is one of the first shops on our team to offer our customers stunning handcrafted high class jewelry with a gothic flare!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Free hand crafted goodies!

Who likes free stuff? Throughout the month of August you can enter to win a hand crafted surprise from Prim and Grim on Etsy! To enter, click on the link below which will ask you to “Like” Prim and Grim on Facebook, and then complete your entry. You will NOT be spammed by Prim and Grim (because that is very uncool). The winner will be randomly chosen by the app (not by anyone affiliated with Prim and Grim, so rest assured that everyone has an equal chance to win). The winner will receive a hand crafted surprise worth $15.00 and free shipping! http://www.giveawaytab.com/mob.php?pageid=351153015024343 Or on a mobile device click here: http://www.giveawaytab.com/giveaway2/mobile.php?pageid=351153015024343