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Monday, August 4, 2014

Free hand crafted goodies!

Who likes free stuff? Throughout the month of August you can enter to win a hand crafted surprise from Prim and Grim on Etsy! To enter, click on the link below which will ask you to “Like” Prim and Grim on Facebook, and then complete your entry. You will NOT be spammed by Prim and Grim (because that is very uncool). The winner will be randomly chosen by the app (not by anyone affiliated with Prim and Grim, so rest assured that everyone has an equal chance to win). The winner will receive a hand crafted surprise worth $15.00 and free shipping! http://www.giveawaytab.com/mob.php?pageid=351153015024343 Or on a mobile device click here: http://www.giveawaytab.com/giveaway2/mobile.php?pageid=351153015024343

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