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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Last House on the Left

Right now there is a lot of exciting news at A Ghouls Best Friend! Everything from killer deals, prices slashed in half, events, and even a heads up for the upcoming months.

The biggest news is that for the month of August you can save 40% off your entire purchase! This special discount is to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of Wes Craven's first feature film, The Last House on the Left. This was a ground breaking film for Craven, who later created A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream. To save your 40% use the discount code: LASTHOUSEONTHELEFT at checkout. You will save 40% off your purchase before shipping.

 In other news, my shop has kicked off it's Wicked Wednesday sales! Every Wednesday three different items will be marked down to half off for Wednesday only! Check out my Facebook and Twitter Pages for more details on what those item are when Wednesday approaches!

If you are from Baltimore or are as obsessed with John Waters as I am, you may have heard of an awesome little town called Hampden! This area got it's claim to fame when John Waters filmed the movie Pecker in this neighborhood. More recently, the towns very own Cafe Hon was in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. This town is well known for a lot of awesome events, one of which is Hampden Fest! This is a festival filled with some of the best entertainment you've ever witnessed! They have The Great Mac Off, a toilet race, bread pudding, live music, and lots of vendors selling amazing things from Baltimore inspired art to cupcakes! I will vending at this event in front of Kiss N Make-Up on The Avenue. So if you are in the area on September 8th, come by and see a Ghoul! For more info on Hampden and Hampden Fest you can check out their Facebook and Blogspot pages.

Hampden Fest

There will be a lot happening with A Ghouls Best Friend this fall! There will be more promotions related to horror movie trivia. I will be celebrating celebrity birthdays and release dates of horror films with discounts and giveaways! There will be more blog postings about these people and films as well. In October, every order will come with a Halloween goodie bag filled with lots of spooky things! In November I will be at a craft show in Laurel, DE. I will post more info on that event as it gets closer. I will also be vending at First Fridays in Hampden the very first Friday in December! This is going to be an awesome year of discounts, sales, events, and horror!

Hampden at Xmas

For more information about my shop, new items, sales, discounts, and what's going on you can check out my Facebook Page, Twitter Page, and Blogspot.

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