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Friday, November 22, 2013

Etsy Massacre Black Everything Sale!

The following Etsy Massacre Team members have joined forces to give our supporters, customers, fans, creeps, whatever you want to call yourselves a chance to dig up some savings! 
So instead of fighting the lines shop online! 

We are offering a lucky 13% off your order in our Etsy Shops! 

All you have to do is shop at one (or two or all) of the stores listed and put in the coupon code THANKSKILLING2013 at checkout. 

This sale runs from Black Friday 11/29/13 - Cyber Monday 12/2/13! 

Shops participating in this special:

Check out this Etsy Treasury featuring some of the horrific things these teams have in store!

Please spread the word to any horror fanatics who like a good sale and want to support the dark arts!

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