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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Looking for A Unique Gift Idea?

Hey there my deadlings!

It is that time of year where everyone is searching for a gift. It is the season of Moms, Dads, teachers, and grads. The season of BBQs, house warming parties, weddings, and baby showers. I know that whenever I go to a party or celebration I always see people giving money, booze, and yummy dishes as gifts. Those are great, but what about bringing something that won't just fill a tummy or a wallet for a day or two. How about something one of a kind and even a a little spooky? Well check out The Etsy Masacre Team page on Etsy!

On our Team Page we have made it easy for you to navigate what our members have to offer. Looking for clothing? We have a section filled with that in our Wicked Wearables section. Some Axe-cessories? We have you covered. One of a kind art to give an empty wall something extra that you won't find at Pier One or Ikea? Check out our Drawn In Blood section. Know a horror fan that is getting married? We have a section for that too! It's called Til Death. Looking for some sweet and twisted home decor items for a housewarming party? Check out our sections Deadly Dolls and Haunt Your House. Have a friend that enjoys gore that gets up close and personal? Check out our sections called Special FX and Masked Mad Men.

We are always adding new items and sold items to these pages. If you see something you like, but might want a different color, size, or image please feel free to message our team members. We love custom orders and try to be very accommodating. 

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