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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Etsy Massacre Team - Shop of the Month for April 2012 - RudeandReckless

Looking for some unique zombie finds or just unique finds in general... then check out RudeandReckless our Etsy Massacre Team - Shop of the Month for April!!

What is your favorite horror movie related item in your shop at this very moment and why?

My favorite horror movie themed item is my zombie repellent soap. I am a HUGE fan of zombie films and it's practically impossible for me to just pick one as my favorite, Just the thought of a zombie apocolypse is seriously frightening to some and it really makes you think what would would you really do if that situation were really upon us.

What is it about horror movies that inspires you and your art?

As far as inspiration, horror films bring out a creative edge. Being a fan of gore and general creepiness, It helps me to constantly challenge myself, to make things look more real, or if i'm making body parts, more anatomically correct. I am big into sculpting creatures, and horror films generally bring a new realm of special fx to the table that you wouldn't see in most films, other than the fantasy genre.

Why did you join the Etsy Massacre Team?

Originally I was invited to join the Etsy Massacre team and after finding more of what the team was about, I became enthralled at the thought that there were other creative individuals just like myself. Who were as big into the horror genre as me. Its great knowing im not alone in my likes, and its wonderful having others to share with, as well as keep me motivated to create more horror themed items. Which I never intend to steer away from :)

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